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Low-Cost Care.

Leverage VyncaCare solutions to ensure that your patients receive the proper care at the right time, avoid unnecessary duplication of services, reduce administrative burden, and prevent medical errors while producing higher savings. 


Support and Partnership

VyncaCare's solutions support ACOs by comprehensively managing your most complex patients, providing them the care they need to remain at home, and preventing unnecessary hospitalizations. VyncaCare partners with your team to understand the various opportunities for shared savings and align incentives via shared risk models centered around patient outcomes.  

ACOs partner with VyncaCare to ensure their patients with complicated care needs receive comprehensive care when they need it most. Our team delivers virtual Supportive Care, Advance Care Planning, and Enhanced Care Management programs, each designed to meet your Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial patients' unique needs. 

How We Support You and Your Patients

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Supportive Care

Patients with serious illnesses require care that extends beyond curative treatments. VyncaCare acts as an extension of a patient care team, focusing on symptom management to improve the individuals' quality of life. 

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Advance Care Planning

Many organizations lack the clinical resources or training to engage in sensitive conversations around future care preferences. Led by our interdisciplinary care team, we leverage telehealth to engage in ACP conversations with your most vulnerable populations. 

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Enhanced Care Management

VyncaCare's Enhanced Care Management service allows our team to deliver core service components of intensive and comprehensive care management to patients enrolled in the program. 

The VyncaCare Value

Shared Savings Alignment

Enhance ACO outcomes through high-risk patient management

Patient And Physician Satisfaction

Support patients and physicians in between scheduled appointments

Patient Engagement and Empowerment

Engage patients to consider and communicate their care choices

Reduction of Unnecessary Care

Decrease unnecessary hospitalizations through proactive, patient-driven interventions

What To Expect From VyncaCare

We know that you entrust the care of your patients to VyncaCare, and you can be confident that our team strives to empower your patients to meet their healthcare challenges with dignity and from the comfort of their homes.
Clear Process
  • Collaboration on new ACO initiatives
  • Patient identification best practices and algorithm support
  • Seamless referral process with a feedback loop
  • Patient outreach resources and workflows
Care Team Support
  • 24/7 patient care team availability
  • Ongoing coordination from experienced clinical team members
  • Dedicated account management support
  • Coordinated transitions between care settings
  • Management of your patient's symptoms and prescription services
Reporting and Documentation
  • Opportunity and ROI analysis
  • Reporting on patient interactions and real-time outcomes
  • Digital advance care planning document completion and access
  • Comprehensive assessment and care plan creation

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