Joining Forces with Vynca to Strengthen Our Commitment to Serious Illness Support

Launched with a crowdfunding campaign in 2014, ResolutionCare Network embarked on its six-year mission to take care of its own. This journey was a result of working together to address the profound difficulties people and their families face when confronted with serious medical illness.

Since those beginning days, thriving collaborations have emerged with community and professional organizations, healthcare delivery agencies, health plans and many colleagues in primary and specialty care. A small group of individuals and institutions stepped up with the funds needed to get this community started. On the basis of their understanding of the problem, each with a personal experience, they lent or donated money with a combination of faith, belief in a rational opportunity that made sense and admiration and respect for what I was striving to accomplish.

With their support and trust, we gathered what is arguably the very best and most inspired team of professionals to innovate, iterate and implement ever-always-improving quality of care for the people and families we serve. Over the years, ResolutionCare has extended our support to thousands of people and their families. Though many of them have been located in Humboldt, Del Norte, Trinity, Shasta and Mendocino Counties, we have begun to extend services to folks that need us throughout greater California — becoming the largest community provider of home-based palliative care services in the state. 

Still, in the greater scheme of things, we have barely begun to scratch the surface of what is needed. Capacity and access are lacking throughout the country and world. From the beginning, we recognized the value of using telemedicine to deliver value, and now with the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been recognized accurately as a true pioneer in virtual palliative care delivery.

What was built collaboratively as a homegrown local innovation will now have an increased impact on an even greater scale by combining forces with Vynca, a company with a shared passion and aligned vision to improving the experience of people, families and communities facing the myriad challenges of serious illness. As an innovator in advance care planning, the company empowers people to determine their own destiny in the face of serious illness and ensures that all stakeholders in our complex healthcare delivery system are aligned to support the individual preferences that result from the best possible conversations. Now, through a synergy with ResolutionCare, Vynca will be able to extend its offering even further, providing the actual care for the people that need it.

As we move forward as one company, all of ResolutionCare’s treasured workforce stays and thrives, and there will be no interruption in service to the people that trust us and for our partners that count on us day in and day out. Rather, Vynca’s incredible technology capabilities will pave a clearer path to an integrated Information Eco-Sphere, which will bring together all of our communication and data management activities in a way that assures that the quality of care that we deliver will continue to improve. Through this acquisition we will be providing additional and better treatment to many more people that need us across California and now, the entire United States.

I am personally overwhelmed with gratitude and awe at what we have accomplished together. It is a profound pleasure to acknowledge the incredible capacity of collaboration, trust and hard work to create impact. We have changed the world, and we have gathered even more strength and synergy with Vynca to show up for our family members, our neighbors and ourselves when it is needed the most.