Vynca Expands Our Commitment to Support Those Individuals with Serious Illness

By 2030, all baby boomers will be older than age 65 – expanding the number of retirement-age individuals to one in every five U.S. residents. As our population continues to age, so will the demand for access to palliative care services, making it an increasingly important consideration for the future of healthcare.

Despite this need for palliative care, a major void exists. According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 40 million people need palliative care each year globally; however, only about 14% of those patients currently receive it. And in the U.S., disparities in access further exacerbate the issue, as only 17% of rural hospitals with fifty or more beds report the availability of palliative care programs.

Through the advance care planning work that we facilitate every day at Vynca, our team has realized first-hand that much of today’s palliative care is still being delivered through traditional models – severely limiting access and reducing the ability for providers to deliver optimal palliative care to their patients.

For Vynca, this has always been an issue critical to our overall mission. Since our inception in 2013, we have been focused on ensuring high-quality, human-centered, goal concordant care that reflects the wishes of everyone we serve. This is why we are so excited to augment and build on our vision by leveraging technology to further improve the care experience for people facing serious illnesses with the acquisition of ResolutionCare, a true industry innovator in telemedicine and rural palliative care. ResolutionCare’s comprehensive board-certified, physician-led palliative care model enables our team to expand our support services to the seriously ill and deliver palliative care on an ongoing basis in the comfort of patients’ homes.

Our comprehensive platform helps us manage and improve the lives of individuals with serious illness. By coupling technology and analytics with palliative care, we can help the entire care team better manage this vulnerable population more strategically and proactively.

Moving forward, Vynca will leverage in-home and virtual palliative care to reach areas where resources are scarce. Our interdisciplinary team works in collaboration with primary care providers and specialists to deliver an extra layer of supportive care. We understand the complexities of managing serious illness, and have deep knowledge of provider workflows. We know how to successfully engage both individuals and providers to ensure successful outcomes.

The economics of delivering care to people facing serious illnesses are shifting as the industry transitions to value-based care. With this acquisition, Vynca is now well positioned to provide healthcare organizations with a comprehensive range of palliative care services from a single point of trust, helping to drive quality of care improvements while also lowering costs associated with aggressive treatments that do not align with an individuals’ wishes, and unnecessary and unwanted hospital utilization.

The Vynca team remains committed to improving the patient experience by ensuring people with serious illnesses are given a voice to share their care goals and have access to palliative care services, regardless of location. We are thrilled to combine our capabilities with ResolutionCare to expand our reach, and ultimately bring high-quality care to more individuals across the country.