How our palliative care helps you

Manage pain and symptoms.

Receive comprehensive, 24/7 care and support alongside your doctors. Our dedicated team of physicians, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses helps relieve your pain and symptoms, reduce treatment side effects, manage medications, and address clinical crises. We help coordinate all aspects of your care.

Access available benefits.

Our care managers help you find and navigate community and government programs for food assistance, transportation, housing support, and other benefits. We ensure you access the resources you need based on program eligibility.

Address the emotions of serious illness.

Our licensed clinical social workers provide mental health counseling to address the anxiety, depression, and stress that often accompany serious illness. We integrate these services into our healthcare practice, offering strategies to help you experience brighter days.

Compassionate spiritual support

Our experienced counselors and chaplains provide a safe space to explore beliefs, find meaning, and seek comfort. This holistic care addresses emotional and spiritual well-being, bringing peace, alleviating anxiety, and fostering hope. We honor each person's unique needs, helping them navigate their journey with strength and dignity.

Discuss care goals and wishes at the end of life

We facilitate discussions to understand your values, goals, and preferences regarding future healthcare treatment. We will help you and your family complete documents such as advance directives and store them securely for easy access with your care team.

Helping those with serious illness spend more quality days at home.

We help navigate every challenge of chronic conditions together, with extra layers of care for patients and doctors. Visiting our patients at home or by phone or video. All covered by many major insurance plans.

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Watch real patient stories

Our patients are the heart of everything we do. Watch their inspiring stories of navigating chronic illness.

Patient quotes
"There are so many people working together at Vynca, they will make sure that you get the care and referrals that you need"
Patient quotes
"I live in a rural area. Without Vynca advocating for me, I wouldn't have gotten the same level of care"
Patient quotes
"Their mission is to shine for you, and to get you to shine a little bit yourself. I completely trust them"
Patient quotes
"I have a lot of doctors and Vynca has helped streamline and keeping me out of the waiting room and get the care and help that I need"
Patient quotes
"I love the amount of 1:1 personal connections with the doctors, nurses, social workers, and chaplin at Vynca, they are always there to listen"
Patient quotes
"There are so many people working together at Vynca, they will make sure that you get the care and referrals that you need"

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