Increasing Member Access. Reducing Total Cost.

Ensuring your members take control of their healthcare and receive care in the appropriate setting that aligns with personal goals and values. 

Support And Partnership

Health plan spending for members facing serious illnesses or complex care needs accounts for a disproportionate amount of the total health plan spending. VyncaCare's solutions focus on member stabilization, encourage proactive healthcare decision-making, and support patients at home while aligning to quality measures and increasing member satisfaction. 

Health plans partner with VyncaCare to ensure members with complex care needs receive comprehensive care when they need it most. VyncaCare delivers virtual Supportive Care, Advance Care Planning, and Enhanced Care Management programs, each designed to meet Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial plan beneficiaries' unique needs. 

For plans participating in Medicare's Value-Based Insurance Design (VBID), VyncaCare's Advance Care Planning solution meets the Wellness and Healthcare Planning Component, and VyncaCare's Supportive Care solution supports the Hospice and Benefit Component.


How We Can Support You and Your Members

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Supportive Care

Members with serious illnesses require care that extends beyond curative treatments. VyncaCare acts as an extension of a patient care team, focusing on symptom management to improve the individuals' quality of life. 

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Advance Care Planning

Many organizations lack the clinical resources or training to engage in sensitive conversations around future care preferences. Led by our interdisciplinary care team, we leverage telehealth to engage in ACP conversations with your most vulnerable members. 

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Enhanced Care Management

VyncaCare's Enhanced Care Management service allows our team to deliver core service components of intensive and comprehensive care management to members enrolled in the program. 

What To Expect From VyncaCare

We know that you entrust the care of your members to VyncaCare, and you can be confident that our team strives to empower your members to meet their healthcare challenges with dignity and from the comfort of home.
Clear Process
  • Member identification best practices and algorithm support
  • Collaboration on new plan initiatives 
  • Seamless referral process with a feedback loop
  • Member outreach resources and workflows
Care Team Support
  • 24/7 member care team availability for Supportive Care and ECM services
  • Ongoing coordination from experienced clinical team members
  • Dedicated account management support
  • Coordinated transitions between care settings
  • Management of your member's symptoms and prescription services
Reporting and Documentation
  • Opportunity and ROI analysis
  • Reporting on patient interactions and real-time outcomes
  • Digital advance care planning document completion and access
  • Comprehensive assessment and care plan creation

The VyncaCare Value


Total Cost
Of Care

Reduced unnecessary acute utilization for members



Risk Adjustment

Enhanced risk adjustment capabilities for your seriously ill members


Network Adequacy

Increased member access to care and plan satisfaction


Medical Adherence

Improved adherence to chosen treatments and medications 

VyncaCare Resource Center

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