Enhanced Care Management

Delivering care for complex needs.

At a time when individuals routinely experience a complex and fragmented healthcare system, VyncaCare is here to help.

What Is Enhanced Care Management?

VyncaCare strives to address social determinants of health, ensuring individuals receive the proper support in the right place. Enhanced Care Management (ECM) is provided to those who need assistance to take advantage of available resources within their communities and the healthcare system, each intended to positively impact their health and quality of life. 

Leveraging video technology, our team of care managers can treat individuals in a compassionate, personalized manner that reflects the care we all want for ourselves and our loved ones. VyncaCare services fill existing care gaps, are accessible to all, and support individuals to live fully within their communities. Addressing access issues can help individuals receive better, more complete treatment. We track frailty and functional markers to understand what additional supports are necessary for the individual to achieve their goals of care. 

Our team of care managers can assist individuals with housing resources, food assistance, transportation, mental health services, and more. 

Currently, we only provide this service in California. Please reach out to VyncaCare regarding questions about coverage.


Who We Support

Enhanced Care Management serves those with complex medical and social needs.

  • Those experiencing homelessness
  • Those with complex mental health disorders
  • Those with a substance use disorder
  • Those with needs that are not well met through the current fragmented health system



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At this time, VyncaCare is only accepting Molina Healthcare and Partnership Health Plan members.  

Areas Of Support VyncaCare Provides



Transportation and Housing


Healthcare Needs

How It Works:

The VyncaCare team completes an individualized care plan and determines the current connection to community resources and healthcare services and an area of focus for that individual.
VyncaCare staff begins by focusing on the individual's most urgent needs and locates available resources and services to meet their needs.
The VyncaCare team educates the individual regarding their available resources and services and supports them throughout the referral process.
VyncaCare advocates for the individual and empowers them to engage with community resources and health services, offering support as needed.
Throughout the service period, the VyncaCare team is a trusted partner, providing a safe space for individuals and supporting solid relationships within the community.

Primary Responsibilities
of the VyncaCare Team

A digital-first care coordination solution that helps those in need to manage and coordinate their care and connect to the community and social services available.

  • Medical support, advocacy, scheduling, and assistance connecting to providers
  • Community outreach and program education
  • Comprehensive needs assessment and care planning
  • Referral to and coordination of community resources
  • Individual and family support
  • Health promotion activities
  • Enhanced care coordination
  • Decreasing inappropriate utilization and duplication of services

Who should have the conversations about advance care planning? 

Everyone. Advance care planning conversations are appropriate for patients of any age and can occur upon diagnosis of a serious illness, or earlier based on patient preference. 

How can VyncaCare help? 

  • Educate patients on options ahead of likely treatment decisions      

  • Provide patients with an avenue for communicating care choices

  • Ensure patient's wishes are known by clinicians and loved ones

  • Avoid unwanted hospital admissions and treatments

  • Reduce care plan uncertainty in clinical settings

  • Decrease the overall cost of care

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